Wholesale Soap, Creams & Healing Salves

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Handcrafted Greencastle Soaps are available wholesale to qualified buyers. Bulk bars, private labeling, custom fragrances and special sizes can also be easily arranged.We offer low minimum purchases and enjoy working with small or start-up gift shops.

We can provide you with a list of our top sellers or help customize an order to suit your needs. Greencastle Soaps make ideal favors for weddings or family reunions and can be custom labeled for your group or organization.

Need a fund-raising idea? Let us provide you with an assortment of beautiful, fragrant soaps. Add your own label (easily done on a home computer) and you have a practical, personalized, easy-to-sell item that
everyone can use. Ideal for church bazaars, 4-H, etc.

Call Sandy today at 509.466.7223 to discuss your wholesale soap needs.

Wholesale Questions? Email Greencastle Soap!


2 thoughts on “Wholesale Soap, Creams & Healing Salves

  1. Dawn Felice says:

    Do you carry Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil, Unscented Cocoa butter, and citric acid? I make my own bath salts and bath bombs and if I can find these items locally I would buy instead of ordering on line. I also make bath salts and if I remember correctly, you have powdered dyes rather than liquid dyes. Am I correct?

    • greenadmin says:

      We’ve got all these items Dawn. Sorry for the delay getting back to you….your message was buried in spam. Stop by!

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